Accreditation activities in Primary Health Care Centre Novi Grad

As a part of their activities in the field of safety and quality improvement, Primary Health Care Centre Novi Grad continuously and with great dedication is investing efforts and taking measures and steps while trying to permanently improve quality of provided health services and, at the same time, to improve their own work processes.

Accreditation preparations, conducted during first months of this year, were successfully completed by Community Based Rehabilitation Centre Novi Grad and were positively valued and confirmed by the external accreditation survey conducted by the Agency’s registered surveyors. The external survey on the spot was organized on May, 25 2012, followed by awarding CBR centre Novi Grad with the accreditation status by the Agency’s Accreditation Commission.

Activities conducted by the management and all employees of PHC centre Novi Grad, headed by Zoran Radjenović MD, on further realisation of accreditation process in this institution are continued through extensive preparations on accrediting Mental Health Care Centre and family medicine teams of PHC centre Novi Grad. We expect that these processes shall be successfully realised in near future to the mutual satisfaction.

Hereby, the RS Agency for Accreditation, Certification and Health Care Improvement would like to thank the entire team of PHC centre Novi Grad, firstly on their recognition of accreditation as a process of health care quality system and then, on the efforts invested by all to achieve these results as well as on their past and future work on improving quality of Republika Srpska health system. Also, we would like to show our support to employees of PHC centre’s departments who are currently conducting accreditation preparations and wish them success in achieving accreditation status.

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