Accreditation of CMHC Gradiška

Continuation of the cooperation of the RS Agency for Certification, Accreditation and Health Care Quality Improvement with the Association XY on the Mental Health Project is realised through activities undertaken to achieve the project goal „Promotion of the Accreditation Process of the Community Mental Health Centres (CMHC) in Republic of Srpska“.

As a part of these activities, external assessment in the accreditation process of CMHC Gradiška was organised on Tuesday July 31, 2012. The assessment was preceded with preparations that the CMHC team with head Ivana Simić MD conducted in high quality and record time. The registered assessors of the Agency, who undergone the training for CMHC accreditation assessors also within the project activities and are employed in CMHC Banja Luka and Srbac, through external assessment on the spot, with the use of standard accreditation methods, verified fulfilment of all necessary conditions. In accordance with the assessment report the Agency’s accreditation commission with great pleasure awarded the accreditation status to CMHC Gradiška. 

CMHC Gradiška is the first CMHC team to be accredited as a part of the Mental Health Project in Republic of Srpska and second in total. The Agency uses this opportunity to thank the director Bogdan Milenković MD of Primary Health Care Centre Gradiška and all employees in CMHC for recognizing the importance of accreditation in health care quality system as well as for initiative and efforts invested in successful realization of CMHC Gradiška accreditation process. We hope that the successful cooperation between the Agency and PHC centre and CMHC Gradiška shall be continued in the future through maintaining the accreditation status and other activities in the field of health care quality improvement as well. 



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