Accreditation of CMZ Bijeljina

We are very pleased to inform you that, after thorough preparations of teams of Mental Health Center (CMZ) Bijeljina in Primary Health Care Center (DZ) Bijeljina, as well as fulfilling all formal and legal aspect defined by the RS Rulebook on Accreditation of Health Care Institutions, accreditation program of this CMZ has been conducted.

Thanks to the agility of Zlatko Maksimovic MD, DZ director, and team of his associates who recognized the importance of accreditation in health care quality system, as well as high motivation of CMZ employees themselves, CMZ implemented extremely quality preparations and the accreditation audit took place on February 25, 2011.

The ASKVA team of registered auditors who work with CMZ Doboj and Brčko conducted the audit. The whole process of preparations and audit procedure were excellently organized and hosts were very kind.

The auditors conducted the process by interviewing teams’ members, examination of medical documentations, working environment and equipment and by surveying patients. After the audit, the auditors submitted a written report to the Agency that stated that CMZ Bijeljina achieved high level of quality and we sincerely congratulate them. According to the afore mentioned report, the Accreditation Commission, on the meeting held on March 4, 2011, adopted a decision on awarding CMZ Bijeljina with accreditation status.

On this occasion, the Agency for Certification, Accreditation and Health Care Improvement of the Republic of Srpska would like to thank all employees of CMZ Bijeljina and management of DZ on all efforts they made and ask them to keep on working together on quality improvement of health care in Republic of Srpska.

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