Accreditation of FMTs and CBR of DZ Bijeljina

With great pleasure we announce that in the last period, the external accreditation assessment of 16 family medicine teams and the team of Community Based Rehabilitation Centre of the Bijeljina Primary Health Care Centre has been organized and performed, preceded by extensive preparations based on the accreditation procedure and the RS Rulebook on Accreditation of Health Care Institutions.

The assessment of 16 FMTs of DZ Bijeljina, conducted by qualified registered Agency’s assessors, was done in October 2011, followed by the Accreditation Commission’s positive evaluation of those FMTs and awarding them with the accreditation status. The Bijeljina Primary Health Care Centre now has 31 accredited family medicine teams.

The accreditation preparations were successfully mastered by the Bijeljina Community Based Rehabilitation Centre as well which was confirmed with the accreditation assessment organised on February 23, 2012 so the Accreditation Commission also awarded the CBR Bijeljina team with the accreditation status.  

On this occasion, the RS Agency for Certification, Accreditation and Health Care Improvement would like to thank all employees and management of DZ Bijeljina firstly on recognising the importance of accreditation in health care quality system, and then especially on efforts they made in order to achieve these results and on all previous work on health care quality improvement in the Republic of Srpska.


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