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The last, August issue of the magazine "" published an article written by Oleg Grubač MD of CMZ Bijeljina on PMH seminars organized by the Agency in June 2011. We bring the entire article.

The second series of seminars organized by the RS Agency for Certification, Accreditation and Health Care Improvement (ASKVA), as a part of achieving the specific PMH goal C1 jointly implemented by entities' ministries of health in cooperation with the Swiss Government and the Swiss Agency for Development in the next three years was held in the second part of June 2011. This Project’s goal is related to improvement of understanding of managers of primary health centres (PHC), that have community mental health centres (CMHC) within their organisational structure, as well as to improvement of cooperation between CMHCs with other PHC medical services and other public services in communities they work in. That is the reason the seminars are named “The Importance and Role of Mental Health Centres within Primary Health Centres“ and are organised in series in regional centres. The first series of seminars were organized at the end of 2010, when participants, with other contents, had fill in the questionnaire that was used as a base for the research and creation of other specific needs of participants and the project program.



Like the previous series of seminars, in this educational-interactive cycle participants were PHCs’ managers, heads of CMHCs, hospital wards and clinics in Republic of Srpska together with managers of Centres for Social Welfare. During the one-day seminar held in Banja Luka, Trebinje and Teslić, the participants have been presented with results of the research (Dr sci. S. Dušanić) and good practice examples in CMHC accreditation processes (Brčko and Bijeljina) and developing a model of successful cooperation with other relevant subjects (Doboj) while Prof. M. Munjiza from Belgrade held an expert lecture from social psychiatry on the place and role of CMHC. As before, the participants while working in groups had a specific task: based on given model, to create their forms of memorandums of understanding and cooperation as practice of future particular use of knowledge learnt on these trainings. While presenting the results of group work, the participants had an opportunity to present their positive examples of this kind of cooperation with communities. In the non-formal part of the seminars, organized after the official program, the participants once again had an opportunity to acquaint each other better and exchange experiences.

This time too, ASKVA provided us with well-organized and –prepared, pragmatic and useful information as well as concrete possibilities of their appliance in our future development of cooperation with all public services in our communities, aiming to do further quality improvement of services we provide to visitors and beneficiaries of CMHC through multidisciplinary approach to community mental health care, already established and implemented model in our country. The third series of seminars continues in September 2011.

Written by:

Oleg Grubač MD, CMHC Bijeljina

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