Certification of first health care institution in RS

With great pleasure we are announcing that Public health care institution Primary Health Care Centre Bijeljina has successfully completed a certification procedure and gained a status of certified health care institution.

Auditors of the Agency for Certification, Accreditation and Health Care Quality Improvement of the Republic of Srpska conducted the external audit of the PHC Centre Bijeljina at the beginning of December, 2012 according to the Certification standards for primary health care institution and in accordance with the Rulebook on certification procedure of health care institutions and content of the registry of certified health care institutions.

By the RS Ministry of Health and Social Welfare’s decision, brought on December 17, 2012, the certification was confirmed and PHC Centre Bijeljina was awarded with certification status. The ceremonial delivery of the Decision on certification was arranged on December 21, 2012 at the reception organized by the PHC Centre Bijeljina to present their excellent business results.

On this occasion, the RS Agency for Certification, Accreditation and Health Care Quality Improvement would like to thank management and all employees of the PHC Centre Bijeljina, managed by its director Zlatko Maksimović MD, on recognizing the importance of certification process in the health care safety system, on all effort they made in order to achieve these results and becoming the first certified health care institution in the Republic of Srpska, as well as on previous cooperation achieved through accreditation programs of family medicine teams, Mental Health Care Centre and Community Based Rehabilitation Centre of the PHC Centre Bijeljina; with a wish to successfully continue business cooperation.

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