Education of pharmacists in certification process of pharmacies

The development and adoption phase of documents regulating certification procedure of health care institutions in Republic of Srpska, introduced into health care system of the Republic of Srpska with the 2009 Law on Health Care, will be followed by preparation phase for health care institutions and their compliance with all certification requirements.

To facilitate preparations for certification procedure for pharmacies, the RS Association of Pharmacists has developed and created models of the procedures required by the certification standards for pharmacies. 

In order to introduce those procedures as well as the certification process to pharmacists, the RS Association of Pharmacists in cooperation with ASKVA, organized educations on May 12, 2012 in Banja Luka, on June 9 in Foča and June 23, 2012 in Bijeljina. Around 300 pharmacists from all over the Republic of Srpska participated in the educations.


The attended had the opportunity to listen to following lectures: 

  • Mirjana Kovačević MSc.Ph. (ASKVA): Certification of pharmacies – the procedure and goals;, 
  • Rada Amidžić MSc.Ph. (RS Association of Pharmacists): Managing documentation, pharmaceutical waste, complaints and medications withdrawal from the market, 
  • Vesna Todić MSc.Ph. (RS Association of Pharmacists): Managing processes in a pharmacy and protection measures, 
  • Djurdjica Kopanja MSc.Ph. (RS Association of Pharmacists): Services of a pharmaceutical team and protection of patients’ confidential information.

The participants showed great interest in aforementioned subjects and were actively participated in the educations by sharing questions and practices.

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