Participation of ASKVA representatives in international workshops and conferences

In the last period there were several important conferences regarding health care improvement, where representatives of the RS Agency for Certification, Accreditation and Quality Improvement in Health Care took part in and actively participated. Given that professional development and continuous improvement of knowledge and skills of the employees is the Agency’s lasting commitment, we shall keep on following the trends in the field of health care quality and safety improvement in order to experiences learned on international meeting apply in our work.

Health Conferences UK organised in London on March 21, 2012 a one-day international conference “Clinical Quality Indicators and Dashboards”. The conference was attended by head of the Agency Siniša Stević MD and IT specialists Jagoda Berić and Danko Jotanović. Besides presentations of relevant British experts on importance of clinical quality indicators, the participants had an opportunity to expand their knowledge on practical use of the indicators analysed in few presented case studies from important institutions of the British health system.


The Institute for Health Protection of Republic of Slovenia invited the Agency to attend one-day workshop “Pathways in electronic form”. On behalf of the Agency, Savka Štrbac MD, head of the Sector for accreditation and quality affairs, represented Republic of Srpska, and participated in the workshop held in Ljubljana on April 26, 2012. Representatives from Slovenian hospitals and other health care institutions attended the event where guest lecturer were Arjen Noordzi MD from the Netherlands, presenting “Experiences in implementing e-pathway”, and our Savka Štrbac MD, presenting “Development of pathways in Republic of Srpska”.

The European Care Pathway Conference was organised in Amsterdam between May 31 and June 1, 2012 with 150 participants from 16 countries. During the two-day conference, attendees had the opportunity to learn, through numerous professional lectures and discussions, about current trends in the field of care pathways and operational management and share their experiences. The only representative from Republic of Srpska and B&H, Savka Štrbac MD participated with poster presentation “Introduction of care pathways in University Hospital Banja Luka – the attitudes of health professionals”. Visit to an Amsterdam general hospital was a part of the conference program, so attendees learnt about experiences of the hospital’s 10-years use of care pathways; all of that represented great importance in sharing experiences and ideas that could be used in improving our health care system. 

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