Presentation of the Project “Provision of accreditation, certification and monitoring of quality of primary health care services”

31. October 2012

The RS Agency for Certification, Accreditation and Health Care Quality Improvement (ASKVA) and the Ministry’s of Health and Social Welfare Project Coordination Unit (PCU) organized on Monday October 29, 2012 at the conference hall of the RS Government Centre, the conference to present the Project “Provision of accreditation, certification and monitoring of quality of primary health care services“.



The conference was attended by managers of the primary health care centres, representatives of the RS Public Health Institute and Health Insurance Fund, as well as heads of family medicine departments and quality coordinators of PHC centres.


Dr Milan Latinović, RS Deputy Minister of Health and Social Welfare and Mr Sc. dr med. Gordan Jelić, head of RS MHSW PCU and Slobodan Ćorsović, general manager of consultancy company “Bonex inženjering” addressed the attendees at the beginning of the conference and presented the previous work on implementing different activities included in the comprehensive Health Sector Enhancement Project. Afterwards, Mr Sc. dr med. Siniša Stević, director of ASKVA presented the three-component project and its goals, contractors, duration, participants and expected outcomes. The implementation of the project activities will last until end of 2014 and will include accreditation of 200 family medicine teams across the Republic of Srpska and certification of 20 PHC centres. The third component of the Project will set a foundation to introduce clinical management necessary to continuously improve the health care quality through introduction of clinical pathways in primary health care and monitoring of quality indicators using a software application that will data gathered from PHC centres use to calculate compliance of regulated indicators.