Hospital Sector in the Republic of Srpska

Health care institutions of secondary and tertiary level in the Republic of Srpska: Clinical Centre Banja Luka, nine general hospitals (Gradiska, Prijedor, Bijeljina, Doboj, Trebinje, Nevesinje, Zvornik, and Foca and Kasindol as parts of Clinical Centre Istocno Sarajevo). Specialized health service is provided in two psychiatric hospitals (Institute for Treatment, Rehabilitation and Social Welfare of Chronic Mental Patients “Jakes” Modrica and Psychiatric Hospital Sokolac) and in two health care institution for rehabilitation (Institute for Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Balneal-Climatology “Mljecanica” Kozarska Dubica and Institute for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation “Dr M. Zotovic” Banja Luka).

Total bed capacity in hospitals in the Republic of Srpska in 2008 was 4429 or 3,08 beds per 1000 inhabitants. Primary health care centres Mrkonjic Grad, Novi Grad, Prnjavor and Derventa also provide stationary health care (62 beds).


More information on projects on quality improvement in hospitals in the Republic of Srpska can be found here.

The data have been taken from the Public Health Institute of Republica Srpska’ 2008 Publication on Health of RS Population.