Certification of health care institutions has been in RS health care system introduced with the 2009 RS Law on Health Care as a new approach focused on safety of all participants in process of providing health care. Certification is a preset procedure to evaluate and confirm that a health care institution meets predefined and published standards in process of providing health care.

Certification is compulsory for all health care institutions, is conducted according to partially peer agreed standards, is less demanding and less specific, certification status is given to entire health care organization and is required for providing health care services.  

The aim of the Republic of Srpska certification program of health care institutions is establishing a system operation in health care institutions that enables:

  • Safety of patients and staff,
  • Higher confidence of beneficiaries in health care system,
  • Continuous improvement of working processes,
  • Creating equal or close to equal conditions in providing health services in whole RS health care system,
  • Environment protection.