Accreditation of CMHC Derventa and CMHC Zvornik

As a part of the B&H Mental Health Project’s goal „Promotion of the Accreditation Process of the Community Mental Health Centres (CMHC) in Republic of Srpska“ at the end of 2013, Agency for Certification, Accreditation and Health Care Quality Improvement completed accreditation process of another two Mental Health Care Centres in Republic of Srpska.

CMHC of PHC Centre Derventa and CMHC of PHC Centre Zvornik were accredited as last two out of ten planned. External audits were organized on November 27, 2013 in CMHC Derventa and December 25, 2013 in CMHC Zvornik, preceded by thorough preparations in these centres and pre-auditing visits organized in July 2013 in CMHC Derventa and in November 2013 in CMHC Zvornik. The auditors’ accreditation reports confirmed fulfilment of all necessary conditions so the Agency’s accreditation commission, with great pleasure, awarded the accreditation status to CMHC teams of the mentioned PHC centres.

The Agency uses this opportunity to thank the directors of PHC centres, head of CMHC Derventa dr Djuradj Petrovic and head of CMHC Zvornik dr Irena Janjic, and all employees in these CMHCs for recognizing the importance of accreditation in health care quality system as well as for initiative and efforts invested in successful realization the accreditation process. We would also like to thank our external assessors for their cooperation and help.

During the realisation of the first phase of the Mental Health Project in B&H the Agency accredited ten CMHC in Republic of Srpska, thus fulfilling the plan provided in activities defined with the MHP. It is expected to continue this cooperation in the future with goals, which will include, among others, continuation of CMHC accreditation.

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